Perry Kapsch


Art Links

This will have to be a work in progress, but I'll try to include links to

  • places where my art can be viewed, or
  • where classes are wonderful, or
  • prices are reasonable - Yellow Barn Gallery at Glen Echo Park, Maryland - Gaithersburg Fine Arts Association - Art League of Germantown  - Maryland Federation of Art

Ag Reserve Links

These are -  

  • land conservation,
  • historic preservation,
  • farm sites,
  • all sorts of odds and ends that relate to the Ag Reserve or to farming. -  Historic preservation and land conservation in the up-county, John Poole House General Store Museum & Gift Shop, Seneca Schoolhouse Museum, Poolesville Museum, Medley Press, Ag Reserve Map, lots going on. - Keeps the effort to protect the Ag Reserve well organized. - Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission. Knowledgeable, helpful staff - impressive files on historic properties. - Maryland Environmental Trust. Along with the local land trusts (Sugarloaf, Carroll Manor), are invaluable resources for land protection. - Artist studios, fiber arts studios, smithy, joinery, winery and other creative folks.

Recent Paintings

Recent Paintings